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Check the upcoming ALP 1.5 and all its supporting components. There are some new features to be finished, and some documenting to be done, but otherwise it is ready to roll and if you are familiar with ALP you can start using it right now!
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ALP Engine Core Downloads

Download ALP run-time files
Download this package if you want to run ALP based applications and you are not going to develop software based on ALP. Contains only the vital parts of ALP engine without documentation, samples and development tools. Size ~700KB self extract installation package - download and run.

Download ALP Full package
Download this package if you want not only run ALP based applications but also develop, port, adapt applications to run under ALP. Conatains documentation, samples, tools for software developers. Size 3.3MB self extract installation package - download and run. If you prefer a ZIP archive instead of self-extract, download ALP.ZIP (4.8MB).

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The ALP full package for developers contains many samples. If you install it you will gain access to all of them. This page lists some additional samples not included in the main distribution.

Note that some samples we place here may be not ALP specific. In many cases it is more useful to illustrate the usage of the ALP Run-time library in an abstract way so that the developer can use it not only in ALP but also in other environments.

IIS Compatibility

If you have encountered problems when using Application or Session variables to store values from an ADO recordset or similar problems with other COM objects - this example shows how this depends on the IIS compatibility level configuration setting.

Such a problem may occur if you use a statement like this one:
Session("some_variable_name") = rst("some_field_name")
where rst is opened ASO Recrodset.

If the IIS Compatibility level for your application is less than 3 the Session variable in above sample statement will be filled with a reference to the field object and not its value. You must set it to 3 or above in order the field's value to be extracted (like in IIS).

Download the sample (40k zip file)

ALP retains default IIS compatibility level of 1 in order to avoid disturbing legacy ALP applications which may depend on it. Any application can set higher IIS compatibility level for itself only and benefit of the improved ALP behavior not disturbing the older applications that may use the same instance of the ALP engine.

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