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An area for people interested in developing applications based on ALP.
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An area for people using ALP based/ALP compatible applications.
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ALP 1.5 beta
Check the upcoming ALP 1.5 and all its supporting components. There are some new features to be finished, and some documenting to be done, but otherwise it is ready to roll and if you are familiar with ALP you can start using it right now!
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ALP Engine Core Downloads

Download ALP run-time files
Download this package if you want to run ALP based applications and you are not going to develop software based on ALP. Contains only the vital parts of ALP engine without documentation, samples and development tools. Size ~700KB self extract installation package - download and run.

Download ALP Full package
Download this package if you want not only run ALP based applications but also develop, port, adapt applications to run under ALP. Conatains documentation, samples, tools for software developers. Size 3.3MB self extract installation package - download and run. If you prefer a ZIP archive instead of self-extract, download ALP.ZIP (4.8MB).

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Note that ALP packages do not contain, install, change nor replace any system files! You can safely click "Yes to all" when asked to replace some existing files - this will not affect anything else than ALP on your machine. Even if you delete, alter, move manually any ALP files in a mistake this will not cause any side effects except for the ALP, of course.
For end-users For developers

ALP Runtime re-distributable package.
Version: 1.2
Size: 700KB
Type: Self-extract installation

Instructions: You need the ALP engine in order to run ALP applications not bundled with it. Some of them may be packed with it but others (especially freeware and some shareware applications) may require you to install ALP separately. This minimizes the size of the download so many developers may choose to not include ALP in each downloadable archive of their applications.
To install ALP Runtime download it and choose Open, then follow the instructions. If you are asked to replace some files accept it (click Yes to All). ALP installation will not replace any system files.

Download now

What will be installed:
The ALP engine binaries, ALP Run-time library (newObjects ActiveX Pack1), ALPFrame browser. A program group will be created in the start menu (newObjects/ALP) where a shortcut to the ALPViewer will appear. If you need to apply license to your ALP installation - open the ALPFrame viewer and follow the "Licensing" link.

There is a recommendation to the ALP developers who build setups to register their applications with ALPFrame viewer. This allows, when started without parameters, ALPFrame to show the installed ALP applications in an automatically generated home page.  



ALP Full package
Version 1.2
Size: 3MB (SFX)/4.5MB (ZIP)
Type: Self-extract installation or ZIP File

Instructions: If you are interested in ALP development or just want to have everything download this package. It includes everything the ALP Runtime package (see in the left) contains, but also contains documentation, samples and tools.

Download now: 
as Self extract installation
as ZIP File

or as ZIP file from 
Get it from CNET!

What will be installed:
In addition to the re-distribution package the full package will install the ALP documentation, samples, some tools. Note that you will have 3 shell extensions installed. With them you can run an ASP page or a CGI program just from the Windows Explorer by right clicking the file or directory and selecting the appropriate menu item. The ALP Settings item in this menu allows you to set the ALP options for each directory, define virtual sites etc.

Latest ALP Run-time library (newObjects ActiveX Pack1 family)

Instructions: Go to the ActiveX Pack1 family page and select the download package that suits your needs.


System requirements
ALP supports Windows 95 and later with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later version installed.  This means that the ALP itself and the applications that use only its core features and its run-time library will run on all the Windows versions: 9X/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003 and later.

ALP is open environment which allows the applications to use external features. Therefore some applications may require certain versions of system or 3-d party components they use in addition to the ALP's own components. The smal ALP application below is intended to check your system for the most popular components that are not part of ALP itself and offer you links to updates you may need. Although most applications include a similar system check utility, updating your system now will eliminate the need to do it later. The application below makes sense for the older Windows versions - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0. If you have later Windows version installed you already have the most popular versions of the most frequently used external components and the typical ALP applications should be able to work without need of anything else.

Download (Self-extract exe)

Instructions: You must have ALP installed first! Download and run the application. A page will appear with the suggested downloads (if any). The suggested downloads are the latest versions of the tested components reported compatible with all the Windows versions. You can download newer ones (from the Microsoft site for example), but note that Microsoft abandoned support for some older versions of its operating systems and the most recent versions of some components published on MS site may not be compatible with your OS if it is older than Windows 2000. This application is intended to offer assistance to the users who are still using older Windows versions.

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